In preparation for the publication of my book (Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History, UIUC Press, 2013), I’ve begun posting some graphs and other data to my (new) website. To get the ball rolling, I have created an interactive “theme viewer” where visitors will find a drop down menu of the 500 themes I harvested from a corpus of 3,346 19-century British, Irish and American novels using “topic modeling” and a series of pre-processing routines that I detail in the book. Each theme is accompanied by a word cloud showing the relative importance of each term to the topic, and each cloud is followed by four graphs showing the distribution of the topic/theme over time and across author genders and author nationalities. Here is a sample of a theme I have labeled “FACTORY AND WORKHOUSE LABOR.” You can click on the thumbnails below for larger images, but the real fun is over at the theme viewer.