2013 DHWI

January 7 – 11, 2013: Large Scale text Analysis with R.

University of Maryland Digital Humanities Winter Institute.

The Day(s) in Code

  1. Day one code horde
  2. Day two code horde
  3. Day three code horde
  4. Day four code horde
  5. Functions File

Some Reflections on the course content. . .

  • @parezcoydigo Snuck out at lunch today, but had a tremendous week at #dhwi. Thanks @mljockers for an excellent/provocative trip through text analysis in R
  • @nmhouston Grateful to @mljockers for a superb #dhwi workshop
  • @lmrhody “@mljockers blows the R class’s mind with Euclidean algebra #dhwi http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BAMGCAfCQAAvxX9.jpg#twimg
  • @lmrhody “ow.ly/i/1moCg What did our #DHWI R class do? We wrote an insane amount of code. Thank you @mljockers !”
  • @laduedrops thank you @mljockers and @dhwi_mith for so much R, patience, and knowledge.
  • “LaDue, Emily liteRatuRe. theoRy. macRo. gRaph. (aRt?) Ready. stat.
A little Euclidean distance. . .

A little Euclidean distance. . . photo from @lmrhody