My Research in the News:



  • “The Bestseller Code lays bare nothing less than the DNA of bestsellers, which makes Archer and Jockers the Watson and Crick of their age.” — The New Statesman
  • “It’s fun reading bestsellers after The Bestseller Code” — London Review of Books
  • “may change the publishing industry. . . ” — Guardian
  • “non-formulaic, eye-opening, deeply-researched — and really worth your time.”— GQ
  • “[The] claims are eye-grabbing. . . [and] also highly plausible.” —The Spectator
  • Archer and Jockers “are ‘literature-friendly’ and want good books to succeed.” Wired
  • “It’s appealing to imagine that Archer and Jockers have built an intelligent catalogue of the American reader’s taste and will” — The New Yorker.
  • “If Archer & Jockers won’t tell publishers exactly how to detect a bestseller in a slush pile do they at least tell authors how to write to avoid the slush pile? I think that they do. — Book Business Magazine
  • “reveals the diverse directions in which popular fiction may be taken. . . the bestseller-ometer may find its most noble application as a democratizing force” — The Atlantic
  • “[T]his is a delightful book to read. I would recommend it as both an entertaining and educational read for anybody interested in the business of books” —Digital Book World Daily
  • “This interesting little tome shares some of the Bookputer’s insights with us, just in case we want to become author-millionaires too. And who doesn’t? . . . Fascinating” — The Times Review
  • “Aspiring novelists who thumb through this volume will find plenty to think about. . . [T]his book actually represents an opportunity for literary scholars” — Public Books
  • “Archer is not some Silicon Valley whizz-kid looking to reduce the novel to 0s and 1s, nor is she a pretentious academic coming over the hills to sling around jargon about middlebrow novels. . . [She] is smart, savvy and full of ideas.” —The Times of London
  • “The Bestseller Code is an intriguing read and its analysis of what makes a plot tick and how readers are grabbed is compelling.” —Literary Review
  • “May be required reading for anyone involved in making and selling books.” —Sydney Morning Herald











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